About Us

Hello Readers,

Myself Mahammad Ravani, the person behind Dollar Financed Blog.

Since my childhood, I have a habit of saving money. Then I grow up and my habit of saving money also grew.

I took Commerce in my Higher Secondary School and did well in Accounts.

Then my interest for Accounts grew as well. That’s why I did B.B.A in Finance Specialization.

After that, I have started to learn more and more about Personal Finance and Investment.

While learning, I was also implementing it on my own. So basically I was saving money and then investing them into different sectors like Fixed Deposits, Recurring Deposits, Equity Stocks, and Mutual Funds. I have learned a lot from these. I am doing all these things from the last 6 Years.

Apart from this, I was also learning about Making money online. I discovered about Blogging and I saw a lot of potential in it. I am learning and implementing Blogging from last 2 years.

So, I thought that Why not share my Financial Knowledge with the help Blogging?

That’s why I have started this blog with the intention of helping other people in Personal Finance field. As I told earlier that I have experience of 6 Years in Finance field which can be handy for other people.

So what you can expect from me or from this blog?

You can expect everything related to Finance, especially Personal Finance.

I will talk about following topic in Dollar Financed Blog.

  • Money-Saving Tips
  • Investment Strategy (Not Calls of Stocks like Buy-Sell, Pure Investment)
  • Earning from Side Hustle (Blogging, Freelancing)
  • Credit Card Tips (Best way to use it for maximum rewards)
  • Savings for Student, Salaried Person, Businessman, Businesswomen, Housewife, etc.
  • Investment In Equity Stocks, Mutual Funds, Government Schemes, etc
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation

So, this was all about me and this blog. If you have any regarding this or any of the topics related to Financing, you can Contact Me.

Thank You for reading.

Mahammad Ravani
(Founder Of Dollar Financed)